Languages: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3

Frameworks: jQuery, Xap PDO, WHM/cPanel


UC Santa Cruz, B.A. Politics | 2006


ASRC Research & Technology Solutions | Mountain View, CA | April 10, 2017 – present

PHP Developer

Regular Duty:

  • Maintained an existing system that allowed NASA researchers to get their research approved for publication.
  • Converted features from the existing system to a PHP based solution while making leaps in efficiency.

U-PIC Insurance Services Inc. | Agoura Hills, CA | October 06, 2013 – February 28, 2017

Full Stack Developer / Systems Engineer

Regular Duty:

  • Converted an old .NET system for handling all clients, sales and business details into PHP.
  • Built and maintained both the public facing and private websites.
  • Built and maintained the relational databases supporting the public and private sites using Amazon Web Services.
  • Maintained the dedicated server hosting the public and private websites with WHM and cPanel on CentOS 5.
  • Administered a task list on Asana for organizing programming tasks.
  • Met with, and reported to, supervisors in operations, sales and claims to make sure their relevant sections in the new public and private websites functioned according to their department needs.
  • Set up syncing schedules to bring the legacy database data from MSSQL to the new MySQL database.
  • Maintained the GIT repositories for the public and private website codebases.
  • Wrote and scheduled cron tasks for automated processes.


(805) 285-3075